English Day: the report! The pictures!

English Day was a huge success!

Imane Zinah (4 HUM) wrote a report for you:

So on Monday the 2nd of February it was the “English Day”. I actually really liked it and had a lot of fun.
First of all the week before, we had to prepare a presentation about Sherlock Holmes. I knew who it was because I had heard of him before. But I didn’t know a lot about him. So that was kind of interesting. I was a little nervous to do the presentation in class and I forgot my text but to be honest it went really well. We did our best, it was real teamwork!

In the first break at 11 a.m. there was music we could listen to. The students were all dressed as pupils in English schools. It was really cool! I wore a black blazer, a white blouse with a black tie. I thought I looked smart in those clothes, hi hi.

There were fish and chips at noon again accompanied by English music. The students even sang along with the songs! The school restaurant had completely been decorated by the students of the first grade with drawings, menu cards, Union Jacks,…

In the afternoon, the 4th, 5th, and the 6th year had to come together for a play. It was so much fun!!
I honestly haven’t laughed for really a long time this school year like that. The three actors were so funny and were kind of crazy. One guy (Dr. Watson) even sat on my lap! I didn’t know what to do, so embarrassing, gosh. Everyone was looking at us and I became red like a tomato. He was actually cute. I mean my friends told me too… It was really a weird experience 😉

And of course, there are pictures, since they all looked so smart. Most of them were taken by Elias Peeters (5 HUM).

The play, by The English Theater Company, was quite amusing indeed. Your reporter didn’t see the plays for the first and second grade (although I got hold of some pictures) so I can’t comment on those, but I must admit, the one in the afternoon was indeed a lot of fun. And judging by the amount of selfies taken by our swooning female students, the actors were indeed quite cute!

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