Limerick, anyone?

De leerlingen van het vijfde jaar taalcompetentie Engels hebben zich de laatste les zeer poëtisch geuit. Ze hebben zelf limericks geschreven, nadat ze eerst een aantal Limericks gelezen hebben uit “Lots of Limericks, Light, Lusty and Lasting ” van L. Untermeyer.

Wat de leerlingen het moeilijkst vonden, was het passende ritme te vinden. Maar het resultaat mag er zeker zijn. Nadien sloten ze de les af met tea and cake en natuurlijk het voordragen van de limericks.

U vindt de Limericks hieronder:

There was an old man named Looper
He was a real party-pooper
He entered a party
And was very farty
This became his biggest blooper

There was a young girl from Canterbury
Every day she was in a hurry
She got stopped by the police
They shouted freeze!
Because of that she couldn’t get her Mcflurry

There was a middle-aged man named Dwight
Who was convinced he was always right
One day he was wrong
Thank god his family went along
Cause they were afraid he’d bite

There was a man from Peru
Who dreamed he had gonorroe
He got out of bed
And fell over his cat
Suddenly his dream came true

There was a young girl named Clarissa
Who was a clumsy barista
She spilled coffee over a guy
Who gave her a black eye
Now all she wants  is a siesta

I met a boy from Ireland
He didn’t have any money to spend
His dad was broke too
He liked birds that flew
Now they live on a giant island

I met a man of Amsterdam
Who was born with the name Adam
His team didn’t participe
At the world championship
So he had to support Belgiam

There was a girl from Ghent
She needed to pay rent
But she was broke
So she took lots of coke
She ended up with zero cent

There was a young lady from class
She really wanted to pass
She missed the tram
And lost the exam
That unlucky young lady from class

There was a man from Atlanta
He always drank lots of fanta
So he got a big belly
Which turned him into jelly
So now they call him Santa

There once was a boy named Bart
Who did not have a heart
He killed the ones he loved
While doing this gloved
And kept all his bodies in the yard

Met veel dank aan mevrouw DeVreese voor zowel tekst als foto’s. U kan alle foto’s hier bekijken.

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